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With a watch, in addition to the internal mechanism, the watch’s glass is equally important and needs to be paid attention to regularly, because its main function is to protect the dial and the mechanism inside the watch. your watch from external influences, such as: rainwater, dust, etc. If the glass of your watch is unfortunately broken, or has been scratched a lot due to being used for too long, then surely you You have to find a place that can replace the glass for your watch! Come to the instant glass replacement service of Tulen Watch – Di An – Binh Duong!

What types of watch glass are commonly used?
Mica (Resin):
+ Advantages: This is not glass, it is actually a transparent plastic with properties similar to glass. However, Mica’s weight is lighter, has the ability to withstand force, is easy to process and is quite cheap.

+ Limitations: In the Mohs hardness scale, Mica only reaches 300 Vickers, ranking below many other materials. That’s why after a short time of use, this type of glass often becomes opaque and scratched

Watches using mica glass (Resin):

Đồng hồ Casio 33 mm Unisex F-91WM-7ADF

Mineral Glass (mineral glass):
+ Advantages: Has better hardness than Mica (about 400VK), good transparency, easy to polish when scratched and is especially widely sold on the market at a mid-range price . Mineral glass is usually thick and used mostly in the production of Japanese Quartz watches or fashion watches.

+ Limitations: Easy to scratch and break when subjected to strong impact.

However, there is a special point that makes Mineral Glass widely used: due to its low price, manufacturers often make it thicker than usual, so it is sturdier and has better bearing capacity. even thin sapphire crystals.

Watches using mineral glass:

Đồng hồ nữ Bulova Quartz – 28mm – 96X139

Monolithic sapphire (also known as sapphire crystal):
+ Advantages: It is a transparent glass with a hardness second only to diamond (Sapphire: 2000 VK, diamond: Max 10,000 VK). Extremely scratch resistant. In addition, some high-end Sapphire glasses also have an AR (anti-reflective) anti-glare coating to make it easy to read the time in strong light conditions. You can recognize this type of glass by the purple light refracted on the surface.

+ Limitations: Quite high cost.

Watches using sapphire glass:

Đồng hồ nam Orient Star – 39.3mm – Automatic – Open Heart RE-AT0004S00B

Reference glass replacement price list
For round and flat glass in popular watches, normally, the glass replacement price will depend on the glass material:
+ Regular glass: from 150,000 – 500,000 VND (depending on diameter glass surface and thickness)
+ Monolithic Sapphire glass: From 300,000 VND (depending on glass diameter and thickness)
Note : For watches with convex glass, domed glass or complicated glass forms such as replacing star glass stars, replacing box-shaped glasses, replacing square-shaped glasses with rounded corners,… large-sized glasses, glasses with magnifying glass (panels) and glasses by brand. Please contact hotline 0797.128.821 to receive a detailed quote. .

Watch service and repair items at Tulen Watches:
Tulen Watches accepts repair services for most watch brands (except smart watches). With some items such as:
+ Replace watch battery
+watch glass
+ Clean oil , maintain watch
+ Replace leather straps , replace metal straps, replace fabric straps, replace rubber straps for watches, etc. .
+ Cleaning and polishing watches
+ Setting stones for fashion watches
+ Genuine watch parts replacement service
+ Repairing watches with water damage or wrong time, replacing genuine parts
+ Warranty service clock operator

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